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who we are

Experienced directors with many years of experience in growing high-yield avocado plants

We own avocado orchards ourselves and have significant horticulture investments, from the propagation stage through to high-yield avocado and kiwifruit orchards.

why choose us

We use the optimum growing conditions to produce the very best avocado plants

Our custom built facilities keep the temperature, humidity, and air environment at the perfect levels to grow best avocado plants available.

Avocado Nurseries are experts in production methods for plant propagation.

We provide plants that are of high health and top quality. Our grafted avocado trees are grown in a nursery environment with strictly controlled sanitary procedures designed to minimise the risk of spreading diseases and pests.
Hass is the most commonly grown avocado variety in the world. Fruit has high oil content and a very nutty, rich taste. Flesh has smooth texture and thick skin casing. Fruit ripening between August to May in Bay of Plenty and June to March in Northland.
Reed has large, round, ‘cannon-ball’ shaped fruit.  Fruit has smooth textured flesh of nutty flavour and smooth thick-skin. Tree has erect habit and is salt tolerant. Fruit ripens between February-April. Ratio percentage: Seed 17% / Skin 11% / Flesh 72%.




Quantities 20+

Minimum order of 20 plants
Hass Available
2020 Pricing
*T&Cs apply


Grafted Hass


Minimum order of 20 plants
2020 Pricing
*T&Cs apply


Quantities 20+

Minimum order of 20 plants
Hass and Reed Available*
2020 Pricing
*T&Cs apply


027 435 4443
Nursery Locations:
Te Puke, Te Puna, Coromandel